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  Loana Starck
  Lana Starck (AKA Dana, Adriana Starck, Drica, Loana Starck) is a sexy ginger star legend and director. She is half Brazilian, born to one native and one transplant parent in Brazil. She stands 5'7" and wehs about 125 pounds. Much of that weht is in her gorgeous round supple ass, as evidenced by her smokin' hot bod that measures 34-25-38. What really gets the guys going is her dark auburn hair, sly green eyes and knowing smile that just looks as if she wants to eat you up. She's also got a few tattoos, as well as a belly button piercing.
  Lana made her o debut in the 2003 Portuguese language classic Forum Brasileirinhas 17. Over the next five years, she would star in about fifteen different XXX films. A few of her more popular roles are in movies like Trans Named Desire and Backdoor to Brazil 1, which features more sex than you can shake your dick at. Many of Brazil's hottest stars have clamored to work with Lana over the years, from Monica Mattos (in Clube Prive) to the legendary Rita Cadillac (in Primeira Vez de Rita Cadillac). Her single directorial oeuvre, Sexo Camera Acao, was well received in Brazil. This hottie retired in 2008 and has hopefully been living the good life on a beach somewhere ever since.
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