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时间:2020-01-15 作者:hd126
  Sarah Simon (AKA Sara Simon) is a classy star who loves the finer things in life, like nylon stockings, hh heels and b cocks. When her legs are wrapped up in silk, she is transformed into her o persona. There's no denying that she looks sexy when she's walking across the room, while her hips are swaying from side to side, but I've got a soft spot for the way her B-cup titties bounce when she's riding on top of a cock. Her fit body and blonde hair make her the perfect candidate for o super stardom, and this Hungarian honey is up to the challenge of any co-star she comes across.
  She is featured alongside sexy babes like Anastasia Christ and Sensual Jane in the credits for Hot Horny Housewives 11. The 2012 release found Sarah in a sticky situation, with two cocks and a whole bunch of willing holes. She takes the largest stud in her asshole, and he keeps pumping till he's ready to explode. Just seconds before the pop-shots are fired, Sarah gets onto her knees and opens up her throat so that both dicks can feed her the cum that she's been craving the whole time.
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