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  Violet Blue
  (AKA - Violet Lust, No Name Jane, NoName Jane)
  Profession: Porn StarMeasurements: 32B-23-34
  Heht: 5' 3"
  Eye Color: Brown
  Hair Color: Brown
  Birthday: March 27, 1977
  Birthplace: Aberdeen, WA
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  Weht: 105 lbs
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  Who would of thought that this young innocent looking girl had the potential of an actress? In 2000 Violet was discovered by an agent while she was an exotic dancer in Salt Lake City. She soon made her way to California where she loved it! After countless photo shoots and about 65 films she was nominated as N's Best Starlet in January of 2002. Only 2 years into the industry and already earned an award, Violet was so excited. She says she owes it all to her fans and couldn't of done it without them. Apart from the business Violet also studies Magick and Witchcraft. On her site she has more details on her studies and loves to chat directly with her fans.
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