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  T.J. Cox, TJ
  TJ Cox (AKA T.J. Cox, TJ) is a super stud who started filming o movies in 2003. He's a tanned brunette who often rocks facial hair, and loves to bury his thick cock into the love-box of a hot babe, whether he's on a date or being filmed. His muscular body is heavily tattooed, and he loves to flex when he's pounding a hottie from behind. A good blowjob is all he needs to blow a thick load but, like most of his contemporaries, he's really into stuffing pussy with every inch of his cock, and making sure that they cameraman gets a good cumshot in the end.
  There are plenty of one-on-one clips in TJ's repertoire, but the real magic happens when he teams up his cock with a bunch of other stars for an intense orgy session. Taylor Rain is the recipient of TJ's dick, as well as those of Brain Surewood, Buster Good and a host of other stunt cocks, in 10 Man Cum Slam 6. You can tell that TJ realizes how lucky he is, and that he has the best job in the universe. His stroke is long, and his dick is always ready to play, so check out some of his free clips.
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