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时间:2019-11-09 作者:hd126
  Sammura Shane is a smoking hot Ebony performer who loves to wear lingerie and make money. That killer combination, in addition to her bisexual tendencies, led her straht to the industry where she learned all the tricks of the trade. Her C cups are soft and squeezable, and she really seems to enjoy the way that it feels when she's slowly sliding her tht pussy down onto a thick dick. Her ass is unbelievable and is usually the featured body part in her videos.
  You can check out Sammura's banging bootie on the boxcover of Nubian Thick Ass Worship rht next to Lola Lane and all of her amazing assets. While she's performing, Sammura is constantly being playful and teasing all her fans at home. As always, she's eager to make all the orgasms flow, especially her own.
  The b titties of o star Sierra are featured in Chocolate Cheerleaders 7, and Sammura gets to see all the goodies while she's on set. It's sexy as to watch, and her lusty moans get louder the longer the scene goes on. If there's one thing that Sammura is good at, it's multitasking. She can and eat pussy at the same time, and that's exactly what we like to see around here.
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