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时间:2020-01-15 作者:hd126
  Sativa Rose
  Hair colorBrown Hair
  Body artTattoo
  Body typeAthletic
  Ass typeMedium Ass
  Tits typeEnhanced
  Tits sizeB Tits
  Pussy typeTrimmed, Innie
  Date of BirthDecember 24, 1984
  Birth LocationGuadalajara, Mexico
  Skin complexionMedium Skin
  ZZ RankAllstar
  Sexy, sultry, and exotic, lovely Latina Sativa Rose is the greatest thing to come out of Mexico since the taco. Coming straht out of Guadalajara, she's a tiny little firecracker with curves in all the rht places. Standing at just five feet tall, she's got a lovely pair of 34C tits, and some serious skills working cocks. She started in the industry at just 19 years old back in 2003, after spending some time working as an exotic dancer and nude model, and has gone on to star in over 400 titles since! This busty bisexual beauty has done scenes in all kinds of niches from bondage to lesbian and everything in between, earning herself nine N award nominations in the process! Sativa Rose is one of the hottest Latinas in the industry today, and all you've got to do is watch one of her scenes to find out why she's such a superstar!
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