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时间:2019-11-09 作者:hd126
  Sexy blonde Latina Patty Cat (AKA Patty) loves to get licked. Something takes over the body of this hot babe when her legs are spread wide open and her co-star starts to suck on her clit. She's an excellent who is known to twerk her ass while she's giving a blowjob. That takes some serious coordination, so you know she's a pro. Her huge titties are mostly all nipple, and the crowns of pink are very suckable.
  Patty's name has been in the credits of a handful of skin flicks. She stars with Sofia Guzman and Veronica Rodruez in the 2012 feature, 8th Street Latinas 18. All the ladies get ed deep by the long dick of J-Mac, and he makes sure that Patty gets her cum on, just the way she needs it.
  Since her favorite position in the sack is cowgirl, she s that way every chance she gets. She really has a spectacular ass that looks hotter than hell when it's pink from spanking. Because she's so thin and petite, her buddies, both on screen and off, are able to bend her body into some seriously crazy positions. Pile-driving her cunt with a thick stick of dick would make any stud's day, and she is more than happy to accommodate.
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