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  There’s just something magical about finding hidden gems of the industry like Junko Hayama. I mean, in reality she isn’t a hidden gem at all, but most people don’t know of her because she doesn’t have any American film performances! Born in January of 1988, in Kanagawa, Japan, this beautiful little Asian bombshell looks sweet and innocent at first glance but there is something in her eyes that just screams what her real intentions are. Possessing 32-22-32 measurements, standing at only 5’1", and wehing close to nothing, finding this teacup Asian starlet is sure to make you feel as though you are the first to find a chest of gold at a treasure hunt!
  Some sources say that Junko is still actively performing, and then others say that she departed after spending six years in the scene. I’m not completely sure whether or not she’s still around, but even if she isn’t, she left behind plenty of steamy footage. Junko was known to play the submissive part which is obvious by all of the submissive schoolgirl performances she brought forth during her career. One thing that sets her apart from other Asian babes with a similar desire is the fact that she doesn’t look like she’s fhting it one bit! She loves being treated like a naughty little slut and getting her mouth and pussy stuffed with cock, and you can see it all over her face... pun intended!
  Junko can be seen doing just about everything on camera. She has plenty of creampie videos, tons of blowjob footage, some hot group sex scenes, and all kinds of masturbation footage, allowing her fans to truly indulge in everything she has to offer. Oh, and she even has a bunch of photo sets as well, if you’re more into the vanilla side of . It’s tough to compare Junko to any other babes, due to the fact that she has this orinality to her that’s so ing hot, but she kind of reminds me of Japanese starlets Rio Hamasaki and Maria Ozawa. You’ve gotta see Junko in action to really understand the level of hotness that she’s sitting on!
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