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  Ariana Gold
  Arianna Gold (AKA: Anat, Ariana Gold) is a sexy brunette of Middle Eastern descent. She was born on April 9, 1981 in South Florida. Miss Gold is an exotic beauty with dark skin and B cup titties. One of her favorite positions for cock sucking is over the edge of the couch with her throat wide open so that her buddy can stuff his rod down her hatch. She has some of the most amazing hands that o has ever seen, and watching them in action is definitely memorable. When she gets into a rhythm, her handjobs will bring even the most performers straht to climax. Arianna started shooting films in 2004 when she was 23 years old. She stars with Demi Marx and Katrina Kraven in the 2004 fantasy movie I Fucked My Hh School Teacher 8. Her petite body can pull off the teen look that so many ography viewers are into, especially when you stick an older man's dick inside her wet pussy. Her pretty face and versatile looks can been seen on the box cover of Sluts Around the World. She shares bragging rhts for that one with the gorgeous body of Fiona Cheeks. The girls spread their pink pussies nice and wide so that the camera can focus on the penetration for the masturbating viewers at home. Arianna's last scene was released in 2007, but she left us with a handful of sex tapes hhlhting every curve of her sexy body. She seems to really love facial cum shots, and always licks her fingers clean after a fresh load has been deposited on her face.
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