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  A hot blonde who just started her career in 2014, Kendra Lynn is probably going to be a star for the rest of her life. Her glasses make her seem like she's a sweet and sassy co-ed who usually keeps her head in the books. Once she starts taking off her clothes, she forgets all about studying and only has sex on her mind. She has a firm set of B-cup titties that she really loves pressing up against other hot babes when they're about to .
  She hooks up with Megan Rain in a group sex scene for Club Chicks Threesome. Kendra's lips suck on Megan's pussy until it's dripping and ready to be stuffed with cock. The lucky stud never shows his face but his POV-style session leaves both ladies satisfied.
  Kendra also stars with Jodi West in Nautirlz Lesbian Boat Charters. It's pretty hot to watch the sexy stars strip down to nothing and finger-bang each other while they're bouncing up and down on the ocean. Your cock is going to splooge all over the place if you watch the clip.
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