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  Tiffany Tease is an English hottie who came over to Los Angeles to shoot a few movies. Before she traveled overseas, she was a secretary, but she got bored with her position, so she came over to Porn Valley to play and get naughty. She was 20 when she started out in the business, and she had plenty of practice banging before she actually started being filmed while the ing was going on. She loves to party, and she enjoys life to the fullest, all while spending the money that she makes being a star. Her hair is blonde, but her bush is dark, and her all-natural D cups look fantastic while they're bouncing around as she's getting ed.
  In one of her horniest scenes ever, she gets double penetrated by Benjamin Brat and Mr. Pete at the same time. The movie is called I Love 'Em Natural 1, and it was released by Acid Rain in 2003. While she's getting tossed in between cocks, Mr. Pete slaps her b titties, making sure that she knows who's boss. Her makeup starts to run down her face after a bit of gagging, and this European party girl has never looked more sexy. She loves a huge dick, as well as a co-star who takes control of her body.
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