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时间:2019-11-09 作者:hd126
  Robyn Chance
  Profession: SupermodelMeasurements: 34C-23-34
  Heht: 5' 3"
  Eye Color: Brown
  Hair Color: Brown
  Birthday: December 8, 1981
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  Weht: 110 lbs
  Robyn is based in New York. She is accomplished in many aspects of modeling, including.... Fashion, Glamour, Bikini, & Lingerie for print and video. Also a Graphic Artist, Hip-Hop Dancer, Singer, Songwriter, it seems that the viewing public can't get enough of this "little heartbreaker". She's been seen in ad's for Hawiian Tropic and on the cover of Lowrider, Edge, and inside MAXIM!
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