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  Skye Ashton
  Profession: SupermodelMeasurements: 32D-22-33
  Heht: 5' 5"
  Eye Color: Blue
  Hair Color: Blonde
  Birthday: October 11, 1979
  Birthplace: Orange County, California
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  I am and have always been an extreme tomboy, and love to do anything the boys want to do - playing Pop Warner Football, Little League Baseball and most of all, hockey. In fact, hockey became such a b part of my life, I would practice and train every single morning, then play 2-4 league or pickup games every nht I possibly could. When the day came that I was good enough to start traveling on the co-ed competition teams as a hockey forward, I was ecstatic - that was such a great accomplishment for me! (Especially considering how many bones I broke to get there - I'm known for being a bit aggressive with the men, but not in a mean way...) Hey, hockey IS about the fhting, rht? (laughing)?
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