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  About her:
  Name: Amber Peach
  Pussy hair: Bald/shaven
  Hair color: Blonde
  Pussy type: Hybrid
  Tit type: Natural
  Body type: Petite
  Ass: Small Ass
  Ethnicity: White
  was born in Mobile, Alabama. At 5'2, 118lbs, her measurements are 34B-25-36. In 2003 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed over 116 film titles, and counting. Her filmography features , facial, squirt, interracial, and masturbation scenes, to name a few. Sin City, Hustler, and Zero Tolerance, are some of the major studios she has worked for. Amber has her own myspace page and website. Peach is a very voluptuous sex goddess who brings raw energy to her shoots. She is the ideal performer, due to the amount of effort she puts in toward making sure her fans enjoy her work. As a full fured woman, Peach fits into the b tits and round ass category, and her body is gloriously anointed with the sperm of studs who can't help but worship this blond beauty.
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  Added: April 26, 2005
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  Her pussy looks nice and ripe like a peach. I loved it. Beatiful ass to boot. Suculent tits on this girl. I loved her cute little pink hat. Nice hazel eyes. Cute face. This girl sucked Pauls Monster dick like no one else. I guarantee your going to love the blow job this girl gives. A nice and wet one, like her pussy. She took that monster completelly into her warm cunt. It was great I didn't think it was going to fit. But her love for monster dick was just to great. If you don't believe me about the way this girl sucks a dick, view the trailer. Paul came all over her face, A nice load of cum.. Its All there. Peace out!
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  Added: June 8, 2005
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  It's good to know all sorts of people I tell ya. Just the other day a buddy of mine calls me up and tells me that he just shot this amazing chick with a hell of a fat pussy that was willing to go at it one mo' gain.. and you know me.. Mr. Camel Toe is always looking for the latest piece of juicy snatch to worship... So JT and I go pick her up and she was all that my buddy told me about and more! Amber was her name... ahhh.. sweet, sweet Amber. After all the intros were taken care of.. we were off to the apartment... that's where all the magic happens! Upon further review.. it came to our attention that Amber was guilty of possession. The contraband.. the feared fur burger! So you KNOW this had to be taken care of in a timely manner! I proceeded to free the juicy pussy lips from it's hairy captives with JT'S help and some shaving cream. Now we were ready to get down to business. I need not mention Amber's round barely legal ass and perky natural titties... those are all too apparent...but the way this chick flaunted her clean shaven moose knuckles was the key to the climax for this shoot. After a saliva drenched cock wash of a blowjob... the steamy sex scene filming was on! And Amber doesn't disappoint at all! Not by the hair of her camel toe! ha! Enjoy! The Dirty One...
  Video Title: Park your rear on P.P.'s couch
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  When you're a hot girl and you park your rear on my couch, that rear is going to be examend thoroughly. So this week I'm inviting you guy's to come along with me when I examine not one but two hot posteriors. As usual, I examined every curve as these girls got ed and as they sucked. The sex was hot! I love looking at these b booty babes get ed. It's so rewarding. My boy Kurt laid the pipe. I don't remember the last time I saw three people have such hot sex. It was banging baby! The girls weren't that far behind. Reena Sky is a little freak! She's a petite girl and this girl was getting pounded by my boy. Amber is another of my favorites. What an ass on this chick. Amber sucks a dick with such vor. It's great to watch. I know you guy's are going to like this scene. Check it out. Preston Parker Out.
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