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  Kimmy Thai is a petite and sweet Asian star cutie. She was born on November 24, 1988, in the quirky Pacific Northwestern city of Portland, Oregon. She stands 5'2" and wehs about 114 pounds. She has been incredibly busty for at least half of her career, but she hasn’t always had these amazing D cups. As it stands, her rockin' body measures a top-heavy 34-25-33 and everyone loves her tits topped with those chocolate-kiss nipples. Who wouldn't like to a cool Asian babe from a hip town?
  Kimmy made her XXX film debut as a fresh-faced 20-year-old in the 2008 classic Oh! Me So Horny 6. She has been in about 25 different films since then, and she’s also been all over the web. A few of her more well-known roles have come in such titles as Barely Legal School Girls 5 and Whoriental Sex Academy: The Movie. She has already worked with some of the bgest legends of Asian , including Jessica Bangkok (in Asian Fever 37) and Kyanna Lee (in Jack’s Too Bu Ku 2). This cum-thirsty hottie could literally go anywhere from this point, and we hope that she goes everywhere, if you catch our drift.
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