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  December 9, 1985
  5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
  110 lbs (50 kg)
  Years Active:
  2006 to Present (Started around 21 years old)
  Kylee, Kylie Reese, Kylie West, Kylie West, Kylie Reese, Kylee, Kylie, Kylee Reese
  Lower lip; nipples; clithood; navel
  Large fairy on upper back; flowers on front of rht hip
  Kylie Reese (AKA Kylee, Kylie West, Kylie Reese, Kylie) is a hot little blonde star who is widely known for being one of the hottest teenie boppers in the scene. This chick entered the biz in 2006, and she continued to perform until 2013. Orinally from Reno, Nevada, this babe lived a sheltered life. She was home schooled as a child, and we wonder if this has anything to do with her current rebellion... You can't cage a lion for too long, and Kyle is living proof! She began her career in the industry as a stripper. However, there just wasn't enough cock involved in that line of work. Kylie packed her bags with her current boyfriend, and hit the road headed to L.A. During her time as a performer, Kylie was credited in 192 different titles. We could really call this chick the facial queen if she didn't have a love for hot lesbian sex as well. However, she does seem to prefer to get her faced drenched in cum a little bit more than eating pussy. During her career, she worked with multiple hot babes - some of the best being harlots like Claire Dames in Real Mann's Point of View and Nht Of The Giving Head, as well as Kristina Rose in Mouth 2 Mouth 12. Kylie has a delicious 34B-26-35 frame. She stands at an itty-bitty 5'2", and wehs only 110lbs. This chick is pierced full of holes: she has a total of 4 different piercings, and also a bunch of tattoos to add to the mix. She may be a bit of a bad girl, and that is exactly what her fans love about her. Due to her fantastic performances, she was nominated in 2009 for the N Award for Best Oral Sex Scene. Kylie Reese is a hot little up and comer who gets better with each performance. Sneak a peak of this babe below; you'll be glad that you did!
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