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时间:2020-01-14 作者:hd126
  5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  130 lbs (59 kg)
  Angel Allwood is one of those names that is rht on the money. The gorgeous blonde starlet is like a sexual angel, here to give us all raging hard wood. She's got a pretty face and stunning 36DD-28-38 fure, so given her love of the camera and getting ed, she's basically a natural star. Angel is a kinky one, too, as her Twitter page promises "Bondage, and pussy for all." This a platform most of us can get behind, put forth by a babe we'd all like to get behind.
  She stars in the MILF-themed My Wife Caught Me Assing Her Mother 7, and you can tell the horny slut can't wait to get to the sex. She starts groping Kurt Lockwood through his pants before he even gets a chance to take off his clothes. From there, it's cock-sucking and pussy-banging until Maya Grand shows up, and then it's time for the titular ass-ing. A truly depraved slut, she greedily laps at his cock after he pulls out of her.
  Some chicks crave enormous amounts of cock, and Angel Allwood is precisely one of these types of dick addicts. In Race Relations 8, she goes interracial, taking some huge black dick into all her holes in a 3-on-1 group scene. As much as she's getting, you can tell she wants more. We do, too, which is why we'll be watching closely to see what she does next.
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