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时间:2019-12-03 作者:hd126
  Amanda Gouveia (AKA Amanda Gouveira, Amanda, Amanda G.) is a beautiful brunette Latina who hails from the dirty streets of Brazil. She debuted in the industry in 2003 and stuck around the scene until 2009, leaving behind all kinds of naughty footage. Standing at 5’6", wehing only 116lbs, and possessing a beautiful hourglass 33B-23-33 frame, Amanda was incredible to see on camera. She has piercings in both her tongue and navel which really add to her sex appeal. This babe can be seen in all kinds of hot footage with the majority of her performances within the , interracial, lesbian, and facial genres. She even has a handful of group sex flicks on her list! Some of Amanda’s hottest work can be seen in films like: Garotas Safadas Gostam de D.P, Kitty Licking Lesbians, and Black Male Pale Tail 4. Although it's tough to compare her to anyone else, we’d say she is similar to gorgeous Latinas like Angelina Valentine and Ice La Fox. Amanda Gouveia is sure to give you all assistance you need to fulfill your dirtiest desires!
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