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时间:2019-12-03 作者:hd126
  5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  126 lbs (57 kg)
  Dani Lane (AKA Dani) is a Tampa native, as well a bit of a whore. The blonde beauty began starring in dirty movies back in 2012, giving the whole world a peek at her incredibly sexy 34C-28-39 frame and superhuman sexual ability. One of her first flicks was Totally Fuckable, a descriptor that applies easily to this horny little babe. Just wait until you see the ass on this girl!
  Fans of POV sex flicks are going to love Dani's work in Cum Guzzlers POV, also starring Staci Silverstone. It starts off with some teasing as Dani is naked in the bathtub, but this quickly progresses to blowjobs and pussy loving. It finishes with a beautiful creampie, the cum leaking out of her tht little pussy. If you prefer seeing sluts getting their faces jizzed on, check her out in Bomb Ass White Booty 17, which was a nominee for the 2013 N Award for Best Interracial Release.
  Every inch of Dani is gorgeous and mouthwatering, but if it's that b ass that really gets you going, you need to see Monster Curves 21. It's a butt-themed flick that also features babes like Jada Stevens, so you know it's going to be great. Dani Lane gets ed doggystyle and gets a load popped all over that succulent ass, a scene you'll be watching over and over in slow-mo. This is standard Dani fare, though, as all of her movies are cum-drenched masterpieces.
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