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  Keita Eden is a smoking-hot Ebony star. She was born on August 28, 1984, and is as classy as they come. Just look at those gorgeous almond-shaped eyes and beautiful thick lips, and tell me you're not in love. She is petite and stands 5'3". Her body has some dangerous curves and a b booty, measuring in at 34-27-37. Her round and supple C cup titties are perfect handfuls for every titty lover.
  Keita made her XXX film debut at the age of 25 when she appeared in Horny Black Sisters Together 2 with hot babe Mz. Booty. Her rump certainly holds its own even against a woman whose name includes booty. Over the next year, she starred in nearly 10 different films, and each one seems to be hotter than the last. She just loves to spit on the tip of a dick before she sucks on it and licks up every inch when getting throat ed. A few of her more well-known roles have been in classics like B Cheeked Freaks and Naughty Black Housewives 1, which also stars the the lovely Toni Sweets. Unfortunately, that year in the business would prove to be her one and only, and she hasn't been seen on camera since 2010.
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