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  1977 to Present
  Retro o vixen Valerie Driskell is a blast from the past whose hairy beaver bumped together with some of the most famous sexual organs in history. This luscious Latina was a huge name in the 1970s game, and her permed lht brown-hair is halfway between a beehive and an afro. My, how the times have changed when it comes to the quality of coifs that our favorite stars walk around with! Here is an all-natural honey who walked around with what look to be C cup titties and a full bush of curly brown pubic hair. Fans of a hairy, untouched muff are going to love this horny Hispanic! Driskell is best remembered for her role as Ginger Jackson in Jack Genero's 1977 action flick Foxy Lady. Vintage director Genero had to shoot an actual script in order to get around the backwards obsenity laws of the day, and the result is a campy, yet well-framed, semblance of an actual action movie. Miss Driskell gets ed numerous times in this blue movie, and she really does a number on the monster cock of legend John Leslie. She did such a good job in her numerous scenes that she won the 1977 X-Caliber Award for Best Interracial Scene thanks to her steamy scene with Seth Wagner. Driskell was also ed by the b black cock of King Paul in the hilariously dubbed Diamond Collection Film 003: Ace O'Spades. Stop by and brush up on your history by taking a peak at some of Valerie Driskell's steamiest vintage clips!
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