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  April 8, 1990
  Not known
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  I've decided to quit my job and find a new one working with Macy Nata (AKA Ekaterina, Iren, Irena, Irena M, Irene, Jane, Janna, Kate, Katharine B, Kati, Mercy, Sarah, Scarlett, Slave Kk, Ssens, Ursula, Walda). You'll totally understand where I'm coming from if you've ever seen the clip of her getting double-teamed by two co-workers in an office. I'm always thinking, "Fuck this paperwork," but in Macy's world, you also get to her when you throw the drudgery off the desk. The slim, brown-haired cutie has a gorgeous body and an incredible lust for orgasms, so she's always up to such sexual hijinx. She's been on the scene since around 2013 when she was 22, and her resume of smut grows every year.
  Like Lily Lovely, another lovely slut known to get freaky in an office setting, Macy comes from Russia. She doesn't have the massive catalog of movies that Lily has amassed, but she also hasn't been part of the scene as long. Macy's work is definitely on par, though, as she sucks cock like a fiend and looks amazing doing it. That's just one of her special talents, too. She's also starred in a number of sex clips, and it appears to me that there's a good chance she has a second G-spot in her tht asshole.
  She's also been compared to other Euro starlets like Connie Carter, who got her start as an before making the world cum with volumes of ography. Only time will tell if Macy Nata goes that route, but horny perverts everywhere have their fingers crossed.
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