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  Kota Skye (aka Dakota Skye and Dakota)
  Age: 21
  Heht: 5' 3"
  Measurements: 32A-25-36
  Watch Online
  2015 N Best New Starlet Nominee
  Dakota Skye, whose first o name acknowledges her uncanny resemblance to actress Dakota Fanning, says she picked her surname “because my eyes are blue like the sky.” In early 2015, she changed her professional name to Kota Skye.
  Growing up in the Tampa, Florida area, Skye remembers first becoming intrued by sexual material when she and a friend encountered a simulated sex scene in a movie they were watching and “rubbed our pussies on pillows.”
  As she got older the idea of trying began to tumble around in her head. “I remember calling the freckle next to my nipple my ‘ star trademark,’” she divulges.
  Since hitting the scene in the latter part of last year, Skye’s popularity has skyrocketed in short order, recently propelling her to #1 on AEBN’s Top Performers list, and landing her on the covers of such hh-profile titles as Young & Glamorous 6 (Jules Jordan Video), Our Father (Dital Sin Tabu Tales) and Anal Cuties (Hard X/O.L. Entertainment).
  Speaking of , not only has Skye charged fearlessly down that road with nary a blink of the eye, she’s declared that she actually prefers it. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but after my first legit good experience, I realized vaginal sex hurt way more!” she professes. “Probably because of a low cervix or being tiny.”
  Despite her na?f fa?ade, Skye has a determinedly mature outlook on her budding career: “I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. My goals for the industry are to gain the respect of my peers as a solid performer and contributor to the industry in general. And to always entertain my fans. Awards are always nice, but being able to do what I love and give back to the people who love it are reward enough.”
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