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  Lily Cross, Lili Cross, Sierra
  Sexy o stars from Hungary aren't in short supply, but adding one more set of clips to your fap bank won't do you any harm, especially when the hottie in question is as kinky as Stephanie Sierra (AKA Lily Cross, Lili Cross, Sierra, Lela Styx). She was born on October 31, 1987, and this sexy Scorpio was still a teenager when she started filming smut. She stands 5'3" with a perfect pair of B cups up top. Her measurements are 32-24-34, so she has a bit of a bootie going on. Her hair is a deep auburn color, and it drives her crazy when her buddies pull on it from behind when they're pounding her.
  Anal sex and internal cumshots are some of Stephanie's favorite sex acts to perform on camera. None of her holes are safe in her orgy clip for the 2007 movie Xcalibur 1: The Lords of Sex. She teams up with Janet Joy, Lara Stevens, and five of the bgest Euro studs on the scene at the time. There are so many orgasms happening that you're not going to know where to watch at any given time. Stephanie is in the middle of everything, with a smile on her gorgeous face, and a massive cock rht up her bum.
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