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时间:2020-01-14 作者:hd126
  Eva Kerstin is so new to the world of dirty movies, very little is known about her. She only made her first appearance on the scene in 2015, showing up in nasty sex scenes on various websites. Check out the kinky lesbian scene below where she's dyking out with the beautiful Frida Stark for a fine example. Eva clearly loves pretty girls as much as the rest of us. The blonde hottie has a beautiful face and an absolutely killer body, so we seriously can't wait to see more of her.
  It's obvious she loves sharing her beauty with the world, because she always has the sexiest smile on her face when taking her clothes off during her stripteases. Hey, I'd probably be happy all the time if I was that gorgeous, too. In fact, I'd probably just stare in the mirror and never leave the house. Eva usually has that lovely smile on her face when she's got her fingers stuffed in her twat, too. It seems she loves masturbating just as much as the rest of us.
  Eva has excellent taste in women. In another one of her girl-on-girl love scenes, she and Naomi Nevena exchange some incredibly passionate kisses while getting it on. It's impossible not to watch two beautiful sluts who have such incredible chemistry together. Eva Kerstin may be a newbie on the scene, but her popularity is growing at an exponential rate. Keep your eye on the Pornhub Network to see what this rising star does next.
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