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  When you're a sexy Latina like Nicole Medina, it doesn't take much for your fans fall in love with you. She's a cutie who was born in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, and this woman is a fox. She's mostly a topless model and stands 5'6". Her perfect hourglass fure measures 36-25-36, and packed into her bra are D cup titties. While she wasn't born with those fun bags, her surgically enhanced bust makes for tons of boner-popping action once she starts getting frisky. She loves to pull at her perky nipples and show off her flat tummy to the cameras whenever she possibly can.
  Just like other Colombian goddesses of , like Shanie Love and Selena Spice, Nicole really brings all her sexiness to the table every time she takes off her clothes. The slinky babe has dirty blonde hair and a bubble butt that will drive you to stroke your naughty bits once you see her in action. She loves to give pleasure just as much as she enjoys getting it. If Nicole is in the mood to cum, you better believe she's going to make it happen, even if it means licking her fingers and doing the deed herself.
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