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时间:2020-01-15 作者:hd126
  I was booked for a feature trip in Cleveland at Diamond Men’s Club a few months back so the time came and I packed my bags full of costumery and glitter and headed out on that mechanical bird to see my name in lhts in the b city. It was a fun time! I had a few spanking fans in attendance who are great to meet because they seem to get my “style” from having watched my videos. Thank you to all who sn up for the -> 5siteSpecial <- through my blog so I can continue funding my strange existence on this planet (From what I hear, my alternates on other planets make a good living owning a nut farm and one is a politician so no worries about their fiscal wellbeing).
  I also met a polite Satanist whom brought samples of his handmade corsetry and asked me to model his lovely desns and I kept hoping he would go into a possessed Beezlebub voice while talking to me. Only in my dreams should I get so lucky. Then one day I woke up at 2pm before my feature shows to go to the Christmas Story movie house where it was filmed down the street from my hotel. I bought some leg lamps to honor the movie’s spirit.
  Of course, I dragged up a few strippers for some spankings and one girl got me goooood. Diamond Men’s Club was a good time – laidback cool staff, nice club layout, cool girls and lots of hhly entertaining stripper drama that I could hear being screamed about into my feature room (not involving me just being screamed nearby). I got ballsy before my last stage g there so I had all of the strippers take turns spanking my booty in the locker room/on stage for fun and then gave them prizes for it. Here’s a few candid pics from my trip to Diamond Men’s Club in Cleveland along with some random propaganda:
  impromptu spanking in locker room of Diamond Men's club Veronica ricci
  At the Christmas Story movie house in Cleveland
  a cutie and I at Diamond Men’s Club- go see her! She’s on the website main page
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