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  Kerri Kendall
  Profession: CenterfoldMeasurements: 36D-22-33
  Heht: 5' 5"
  Eye Color: Blue
  Hair Color: Blonde
  Birthday: September 25, 1970
  Birthplace: San Diego, California
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  Weht: 110 lbs
  Kerrie Kendall is a native of San Diego California. She got her start modeling at age 15 in a bikini contest; from there she took all sorts of bikini and hot legs titles around San Diego! At age 18 after submitting her pictures to Playboy she became a Playboy Playmate! There is a little bit of the gypsy. She spent quite a few months traveling to Canada and England with a friend. Living out of a car and selling jewelry on the beach to tourists brought her to realize how little possessions we really need to be happy. The gypsy has returned to us in good old Hollywood and we are glad to have her back!
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